What is Scoot GB?

We are the National Governing Body in the UK for the sport of Scootering. We offer a national circuit of competition jams that will give you a chance of getting on the British Ranking List.

How do I sign up to Scoot GB?

Just click here to be taken to the membership page, print off the form and send it in..piece of cake!

What do I get for my membership?

We have 2 different types of membership; for £15 you receive the following benefits – Official Scoot GB T-Shirt, wristbands, stickers, discount voucher code for use at, monthly email which is full of exclusive news, offers and tips and you will be an integral part of the future of scootering in the UK.  For £25 you receive the following benefits –  All of the plus a competition license which enables you to enter all Scoot GB registered events and a place on the nationwide ranking system.

Do you sponsor?

No, we are the National Governing Body in the UK for the sport of Scootering, we cant sponsor individuals, we sponsor the sport!

Can I compete in all the comps or just the ones in my region?

You can compete in as many as you like! You pick up ranking points as you go and you can qualify for the regional finals at any of the regional qualifiers. Those who have already qualified may win but the qualification passes down the line.

Where do I find out when the next comp is?

All the dates and venues can be found on our facebook page as well as our website.

How can i find out about the local events?

If an affiliated park wishes to host a local event then they need to notify us and we will be in touch with them. We will then add the event to our website and make an announcement on our facebook page. They cannot host a valid local event without contacting us first.

Where can I see my National Ranking?

Just click here for the national ranking page.

Why am I not on the Ranking List?

If you are not showing on the ranking list it is because we have not received your membership form.

What do my ranking points mean?

Your ranking points show how you placed at each event. The riders that have accumulated the most points from each region will qualify for the UK Championships at Scoot Fest 2014.

What categories are there to compete in?

There are 5 categories; Elite, Intermediate, Novice Open, Novice Under 12’s and Novice Under 8’s.

Why are the events so spread out?

We aim to cover as much as the UK as possible in order to give every rider the chance to compete. We acknowledge that we cannot please everyone but we have to spread the events out as evenly as possible.

 What are the judges looking for when scoring my run?

There are 4 key areas that the judges look for; Difficulty, Diversity, Consistency and Style. For the complete breakdown of these areas check out page 10 of the member handbook.